WinHex 20.5

Protects your privacy by deleting confidential files securely

Creates duplicates of drives, much needed when time must be saved, as it clones the drives accurately and ready to be placed on a new drive. A RAM editor is available for examining running programs, doing a DiskScan it can analyze data and it can safely remove data permanently.

Today editors are more flexible compared to those in earlier days. Among them, WinHex has a unique place because of its versatile built-in features. The list of the features available will vary depending on the version you licensed.

WinHex comes with a bundle of tools which can save your time and work. On the one hand, WinHex is not a regular editor - it can edit executable files in hex mode showing you even those non-printable characters, such as carriage returns, tabs, and some other special characters. On the other hand, you can perform data analysis from pieces of data recovered via Scandisk or Chkdisk. You can easily perform file recovery and undelete tasks by using its File Recovery utility.

Memory editing is a great bonus for gamers, who can cheat by changing some of the values in order to level up, or by boosting up the energy to be used during the game. Besides, you can check your system’s physical memory searching for malicious activity. This is truly helpful when you are performing forensic works on the system.

If you get tired of making identical disks for a standard installation, try with the Disk Cloning feature inside WinHex. With this tool, you can clone any physical media connected to your system. Furthermore, it allows you to choose which sectors you wish to clone, and compare files or full disks. Its permanent deletion utility will give you extra privacy when sharing your system. WinHex supports deconstructing RAID 0-5 with a maximum of 16 components.

Take some time to read the manuals and the tips provided by experts before using this tool - inexperienced persons may easily make a mess of their computers when using this powerful tool.

Sundaram Ramanujam
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  • Memory editing capabilities
  • Supports disk cloning
  • Forensic tools
  • Helps to change the name of your Xbox


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